I saw you in a crowd

Oxford Circus - a photo from the set A new set of six photos I’ve uploaded to Flickr. “I saw you in a crowd” is a mini, virtual show of some photos from my recent work trip to London. I was lucky enough to not be in a rush wherever I travelled, so i ended up walking to all the meetings. The temptation to take shots of all the landmarks was avoided and I got this idea into my head about isolating colours. I’ve done this a few times before and it’s fairly easy in Photoshop, but it’s a challenge to pick the right images to do it to. I think they’ll work better printed up than on the screen – they need a bit of space around them.



  • Jason

    was looking for your Minnellium email address. Read Content list as Contacts – came across this flickr thingy. Thought I would let you know it goes well to the tune of the Furey’s Willy McBride song I was listening to.

    Bet you don’t get this.


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