Podcast: Heart Racing

Heart Racing is the new tune I’ve put together after – literally – about a year of dithering about. We’ve been so busy on the house in the last couple of years that music has really taken a back seat.

Heart Racing (mp3)

NOW UPDATED – 04 October 2006 – thanks for your feedback – I’ve upped the vocals a bit and knocked back the snare drum for an altogether better mix! Link now goes to the re-mastered version.

Click more below for lyrics.

Call on your friends and
Start the engine
God what a pity
We’re leaving the city
Eat something greasy
Put on some ‘DC
Blast it out and
We’re heading for a mountain

Feet on the ground
Feel what’s around
And you can’t hear a sound

Can’t feel my toes and
My hands are frozen
Life’s so much clearer
When death’s so much nearer
So leave the smoke and
Let’s get a good soaking
And if it’s wetter
Well that’s even better

Do what you you please
Put on your skis
Get out in the breeze

Tighten your laces
Run races
Free falling
But taking it all in
No need for dope when
There’s no rope on
Can’t buy no pills that
Replace the hills that

Put the wind in your face
And it makes your heart race
Keeping up with the pace.

  • Phil

    Great tune Dave, very catchy and some tingly moments. I heard it twice for the fist time last night and found myself wanting to listen again this morning. Great lyrics. A light comment – just before the bridge bit, sounds a bit like Lee – Peart combo of ultra tightness!

  • Jane

    Like it Dave, it’s the kind of tune that can get you (not you personally) of your lazy arse and do something useful. It vaguely reminds me of Denim’s ‘Back in Denim’ album, which is a GREAT thing. You should go on The X Factor next time they audition in Helmshore.

  • Gareth

    Very jolly. The layered vocals sound quite Teenage Fanclub-y!

  • Jane

    Dave, Jane again. I fuckin love it enough to swear. Those lyrics are ace.

  • Dave B

    Top top top! You are a talented motherfunker.

  • Dave Chadwick

    c’est fantastique!!!!

    dave, love the riff.

    A little bit blind with Pil and Anne’ hospitality and they are summning me into a kinda position on your track.

    Great stuff and I’m realy jealous of the kit and your vision.

    Organic / oragasmic comments to folow:

    Lyrics are great but would be better FOR ME if theynwere more in your face – seem to me after a couple of bootles of Riocha that they are too much in the background! Perhapsthe ears have gone.

    Sell the *ucking thing ot either Oasis or the Gorrilaaz and let them fight over the great riffs……or get the vocals upfront and let my ears bleed!

    Merry Christmas to all and all the best for 2007.

    Malts ahvewgone and we are on the shit* remnats of Phil s collection of alchohl.