Ten Years After

Dave and KatieTen years ago today, I married Katie at Casterton in Cumbria.

Time flies when you’re having fun.

Please sign the 10 year anniversary guest book below (by leaving a comment!) – we would love to hear your memories of the day.

Love Dave and Katie

  • bag and Peg

    Happy Anniverary,
    Liked the photos, where the hell are we!!!!

    Have a lovely day xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Gorgeous Big Sis and Handsome Brother in Law

    Happy Anniversary,

    Lovely memories of a somewhat cold day but fantastic all the same, funnily enough going to the church this afternoon to pick up your eldest niece.

    Lots of love all the Corners xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Robert Dorrington

    Happy Anniversary and all the very best for the future!
    As for my memories of the day: I was drunk, it wasn’t my fault?!(the universal disclaimer).

  • Lucy Meredith

    Gorgeous photo and still have lasting memories of the day. Thank God you two are keeping the flag flying for true love…!
    Fantastic to see all the family ones, too. How sexy does Katie look in Sally and Simon’s shot…?
    Love you both. Keep flying that flag.
    Lucy x

  • mum

    I am sure you are having a happy anniversary – how could you not, with such happy memories of ten years ago. What a wonderful day it was…. (I hardly remember the cold !)
    I remember seeing David’s back view standing at the chancel steps waiting for his bride, and being full of love and emotion ; he looked just like his dad whom I missed so much that day.
    My very best wishes to you both for your future happiness.
    Mum xx

  • Metty

    Happy Anniversary me old lovebirds.

    Memories: (I’m surprised I have any, given the amount of alcohol that was thrust down my neck by some dodgy characters)

    1. Two Beautiful and great friends of mine looking happier than ever
    2. Being sure in my mind that these wonderful people would make the perfect match and spend a wonderful life together

    and now the interesting stuff….

    3. John (the stag comic and Kirby Lonsdale resident) chatting up my sister Rachel who was a bridesmaid and while she was in the toilet of her room he pushed the 2 single beds together and when Rachel came out and asked what he was up to, he said “Come on Rach, I can just see it now…. tomorrow’s headlines in the Westmorland Gazette reading ‘Local boy makes good with Bridesmaid'”. It seemed so unjust that such valiant efforts were unfortunately in vain

    4. Being so hungover the next morning that I could not make it from my room to the main hotel – had to lie down on the lawn for 5 minutes – and then had to make a sharp exit from breakfast for a chat with the big porcelain telephone


  • Adrian

    Just being remembering your wedding day with Dee, and also looking with our girls at the excellent set of family wedding photos you’ve put up. It was a lovely day…and I best remember the reception at the Langdale Chase. It seems a long time ago now, a lot has happened in all our lives since.

    Our congratulations to you both (and Lily..)
    Adrian and Dee

  • Jason

    Lots of love from the Sheridans.

  • Phil

    I cannot believe it is 10 years since these two were married – happy anniversary Dave and Katie. From where I am standing you are rock solid, and have always been most supportive brother and sister. Most of all you are exemplars of parents to Lily. I never told you this before but now I am telling the world, but you are the most amazing cool dancers together, you really tune in and move as a couple – that says a lot. 10 years – definitely not tinny. love Phil xx

  • Naughty Morti

    Dave and Kate – Congratulations on your 10th wedding anniversary. We can’t believe 10 years has passed already. You seem just as much in love now as you were then.

    We have lots of happy memories of your wedding day (even Jason going for a dip in the lake!)

    My Auntie and Uncle are coming up to their 65th wedding anniversary. We have a funny feeling you two will make that anniversary too!

    Jane and Davexx

  • Best looking bridesmaid (I wish) and family

    I can’t even begin to relay my memories of what was the best day of my life (until my wedding day of course – sorry I feel obliged to add that…) As with my brother, I have fond memories of John, and of James’ failure to make breakfast after seeing/smelling the fried eggs, but also of your brother in law’s persistence in the bar – what a revelation! I do hope Fiona has forgiven you now Graeme.
    I always knew this was a marriage to be reckoned with, their committment and love so very strong, that you’d be hard pressed to compete. And so they prove me so very right!! Ten years on I can’t think of a more deserving couple of all the love they obviously have from so many people.
    Happy 10th, lots of love from us all xxxxx

  • not a bad wedding. not bad at all.

  • …..and may I add….

    Wasn’t she lovely. Wasn’t she wonderful. wasn’t she precious. and still is of course. Mr H aint bad either.

    We had a ball, what with your posh venue and exquisite service. vintage cars caught on super 8; cheeky sneeky girl and boy antics off to weddoes venue across the lawn; champas int pub before vows were sancrasanct (spelling error); superb (really superb) ushers; a continuation of a special special relationship. my wonderful friends….dave and kate. love you.

  • Robin

    Ten years ago!!

    You dont get that for murder these days.

    Joking apart, what a great weekend,great memories and even a comet to put the finishing touch (far better than fireworks)