All hail the mighty red endurance juice


Just come back from what was (for me) a long bike ride round the Ribble Valley and Bowland (here). The first ride over three hours I've been lucky enough to do in quite a while, and no doubt helpful in keeping the calories burnt. ??For the record, I had my normal breakfast (bowl of porridge), normal coffee (for general sanity) then on the ride 750ml of SiS Go and 750ml of SiS PSP22. ??Then a cheese butty and a banana on the move.

Recovery was this little beauty below. ??Beetroot helped me lots last year in the three peaks as an endurance aid (or as a placebo – you make your mind up), but what's ace about it from a weight-obsessive's point of view is it's one of those magic foods with lots of benefits, including making you feel full, but also hardly any calories. ??Win win. (Unless you hate beetroot.)



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