Day off blues

Not really the blues – that's possibly overstating things, but today I'm on a planned day off from exercise. A recover day. ??I'm due it… legs are a bit tired and the hip's a bit sore (don't ask – it's an age thing) so there's no harm in a bit of rest. ??

I like rest days from exercise in a strange way – you definitely get the benefit from them, just like you get the benefit from high intensity training or long miles on the bike, but when trying to shed weight they seem a bit of an oxymoron. TYhe very fact that you're resting makes you a bit bored… gives you a bit more time on your hands, and the devil finds fridges for idle hands.

Concerted effort to stay on the rails means good planning. ??So here's the strategy for days like this:
  1. Work. ??Luckily it's a work day and I've loads to do. ??Mind??occupied??is a good thing.
  2. Plan. ??Fail to plan, plan to fail. Don't plan to eat flan. Get the house rammed to the nines with healthy stuff you like. ??Mine's Beetroot. I know some people don't like it, but I love it, and it's blumming healthy.??
  3. Don't write about it. ??If you're hungry and not burning carbs exercising, don't be an utter numpty and sit there writing about it. ??What a tit you'd have to be to do that. ??Grrrrr…..



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