It’s red, it’s fluid, but it’s not beetroot juice

Almost as if nature had intended me to consume blood-red goods as part of this blog, today, I'm writing about another fantastic recovery drink for the bulk-minded fitness person: Tomato Juice. ??Another one you either love or hate, but it floats my boat. ??In a nutshell:

  • Very satisfying and 'filling' feeling from it somehow
  • Drink as much as you want – only 16 calories per 100ml – so a full pint of it is roughly same calories as about one digestive biscuit
  • Salt is normally added. Not a good thing for lots of people but generally a good thing for those of us who have sweated for a good training session.
  • Good, high levels of potassium – essential for those of us fighting malaise and wanting strength / muscle building
  • Good, high levels of Vitamin C, meaning boosts to immunity.
Okay – advert over… suffice to say that I love it, and can wolf it down without feeling guilty.



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