Something Fishy…. or is it just the new bacon?

Rest day today again. Need to be extra careful about any unrequired foods. Especially after finding a few too many leftovers from Lily's birthday cake yesterday.

One of the ace things about being a home-based worker is access to a fully stocked kitchen, where all the food is yours, and the fridge requires no 'hands off this' type post-its. ??It's both a help and a hinderance in my current state though, and as I've posted before on this blog, if you don't prepare, you increase your chances of failing.

Today's treat is a substitution for a favourite. Somewhere between 10:00 and 11:00 on most days, I pop downstairs and get a bacon butty together. ??It sounds like a bit of an exuberant thing to do (every day) but when you're a Haygarth, you take great pleasure in food. (or indeed a Catlow – it runs in my Mum's side of the family, too).

The simple crab stick, (now, sadly 'seafood stick' 'crab flavour stick') is a great little snack if you want the taste of animal to satisfy your need, but don't want to be the girth of the bacon's original host. ??Heartily recommended. ??Preparation time: 5 – 10 seconds. ??Satisfaction-rating: medium to high. ??Calorie-rating (as if you needed to ask): Naff all.

… and (as seems to be a worrying trend on my blog posts here) they're very inexpensive. ??Yay!.



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