Training staples for weight-concerned: Cheapo Pulses.

One of my now- famous foods that make other people generally feel ill: today is another day for Sardines. Marrowfat Peas and dried chilli flakes


Tasty as heck, nutritious, pretty filling, salty (good for us sweaty sports types), and pretty low in starchy calories.  The chillies make it a bit easier to ensure that you’re shedding all the weight you can regularly, too.

I’ve really come to love marrowfat peas in recent years.  Having grown up on ‘garden’ (posh name for frozen) peas, the discovery of sprouting peas (incl black peas but mainly green marrowfat peas) has been a great journey.  In their mushy variety they’re a cliche in some ways, but they do have some great nutritional benefits (as do other sprouting pulses such as aduki, chickpeas, and whole lentils).

The biggest advantage of all (and this is just a Dave thing) is that they’re cheap as (or indeed cheaper than-) chips and prepared in a couple of mins in the microwave, meaning more time to train, blog about losing weight, or whatever takes your fancy.





  • Anonymous

    Sardines, Marrowfat Peas and dried chilli flakes: It actually looks quite tasty!

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