Year: 2003

December 2003

Christmas 2003 with the Dalkins at our house, a walk up Blencathra with Matthew and the dogs, and Lily’s Xmas party at todddlers.

September 2003

A trip to London around the time of Lily’s first birthday. Staying with Rachel Andrew and Bea, and stopping off to see Dippy, Jane and Libby on the way.

August 2003

A family trip to Devon in a hot period in August. Lily and Angis playing in high chairs, Matthew paddling, and all of us overheating.

May 2003

Camcorder stills of Lily and Katie – including a bit of a toe close-up and some bouncing on the baby bouncer.

March 2003

Some pics of Lily and Katie playing on the bed.

February 2003

Some camcorder stills of Lily’s head looking large and round, playing on the floor.

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