• Gareth

    Excellent. Nice vanishing act thrown in for free!

  • mum

    What a laugh! Hilarious!

  • Adrian

    absolute stunner! believable until the adults get in-
    from cringey adrian

  • Adrian

    Hey …what’s this about cringey Adrian? I think Izzy has sneaked a comment on before me and emulate my usual critical appreciation.

    …like it

  • Phil Haygarth

    Fantastic. We all laughed. I was particularly amused to see Kate and Anne enter the tent, it reminded me of all the takes we made and how frustrated you were getting with it!

  • Delightful – infinite patience for a big laugh reward! What happened to the dogs?

  • Jenny Holmes

    Wow, that’s so awesome! I’m at uni at the moment in a library full of people – they must think I’m rather odd as keep on laughing. Great stuff – how bout fitting the Haygarths and the Holmes’, the next challenge!
    Hope alls well,
    Love Jenny xoxoxoo

  • Metty

    …..now THAT’S magic.