Film of our Marrakech holiday… just four months late

Okay, it’s been a bit of a busy time…! I’ve only just got round to editing the fillum of our holiday in Marrakech, some four months ago. It was a happy old time, and is lovely looking back on it now. Crosby, Stiils and Nash were’nt actually there… it’s an over-dub.



  • Baggage

    Please delete the big hippopotamus in the pool and the queer guy with the red hat. Why do men always have to bare their bums? Other than that the film is very good and brings back memories of a happy time.

  • Rowlands gang

    Fantastic, what great memories – we giggled all the way through. The mobile phone finished it off! thank god Ol did not see those puppies again! Thanks Dave, this is something we will always keep.XX

  • Phil Haygarth

    Can we go swimming today? (said Angus and Helen after watching this)
    Happy Birthday Ollie….

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