Lily’s 6th birthday

LilyLily is six today, and amidst the busy week of going back to school, she woke up this morning four times before it was time to get up. Her wish for a Calamity Jane outfit -cobbled together by buying a cowboy outfit and a confederate cap (from the US on eBay!) – came true.

Photos being blogged live from the phone throughout the day here.

A short video to be added soon.

  • Michelle

    Gosh, I remember coming to Lily’s 1st birthday party at your house! How time flies! She looks gorgeous – although she really looks like Dave, so dont know how that has happened. Didnt realise she liked Calamity Jane – she was my childhood heroine too. Take me back to the black hils, the black hills of Dakota…..lalalalallalalallal…

    Hope she has/had a good one. The Sheridans xxxx