Mothers Day (and not bad for fathers too)

Mother's DayHad a nice chilled weekend really. Didn’t do too much. Elsie’s making us restrict our expectations a bit at the moment so relaxed, homey time is good. Mother’s day entailed a big roast, a quiet trip to the shops at Bolton and a play in the field with the dog and the girls.

Lily and MillieSaturday was special too in a similarly laid back way. Lily’s been looking after a teddy bear from school for the week, and doing a pretty enthusiastic job of it. When she complete’s Millie’s diary tomorrow, I think she should mention a 5 mile cycle into Ramsbottom and back (Teddy Millie was in Lily’s doll backpack). A lovely way to start a Saturday. I also managed the third enjoyable but shortish Mountain Bike excursion in a week – this time round the back of the windmills on Whittle Pike.



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