My snaps from before and after

Remembered to put my camera in my kit bag this year - second time running!Some snaps of the goings-on before and after the race in Helwith Bridge here, including Nick's very light frame ;-)

In Readiness

My previous post on the Three Peaks Cyclocross blog seemed to make out that it was not about the bike or the gear, but more about the training and fitness. I stand by this in general, but there's a middle-ground - it's about all-round readiness.I've b...

Fridays in Helmshore – our own little Helwith Bridge

We've had a bit of a gathering in Helmshore, Lancs (where I live) the last couple of Friday lunchtimes. It's amazing how many people who ride the three peaks are within a few miles of here and it made sense to get a few of them together to share the p...

September’s mismatch

Guest Blog Post from Alan Dorrington:Less than one calendar month till the 3 Peaks but my conflict has been in full swing for some time now - normal cross vs Peaks. Whilst the Peaks is cross, it certainly isn't cross as we know it, Jim. It is utterly u...

Gears and gear

Despite being at this game since 1995, I still can't help but want to tweak with gear in the hope that there might be some 'holy grail' of equipment / setup that I've missed out on.I've gleaned lots of valuable knowledge in the numerous events I've rid...

Stile Gurus

To the team of people who went up Simon Fell on Saturday to erect the improved stile at 'that' nasty bottleneck, we salute you.We'll even forgive you for having a cyclocross bike on the illegal training ground, seeing as JR was looking on.

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