Podcast: “Plasticene”

Plasticene is a love song. An obsessive lovesong, from the kind of lover that someone could really get the creeps from. But me means well.      

Podcast: “Leave Me, I’ll get by”

Leave Me I’ll Get By is a song written in 1990 and I finally got enough skills together as Minnellium to record it in 2004. Now there’s a learning curve for you.

Podcast: “More than you ask for” 19 years on

“More than you ask for” was written by me in 1986, and recorded by the Doofers in December 1987 (see separate article). It’s always had a special place in my heart because it represented such an exciting time – starting to create music. I still like it, and had a modern re-take on it, which I thought I’d share with you.

Podcast: “Feature”

My first podcast… a tune from the past. Feature is quite a heavy instrumental, with a hefty chorus. Hammond organ and some organic drums. Enjoy…

New track: Underflow

A bit of soundtrack work I’ve done for my old school friend Hamish. I like this piece – doing things to a spec (albeit a not very tight one) sometimes makes you do things differently than you may. It’s not as indulgent as I’m used to and that in itself is good discipline.

Podcast: Heart Racing

Heart Racing is the new tune I’ve put together after – literally – about a year of dithering about. We’ve been so busy on the house in the last couple of years that music has really taken a back seat. Heart Racing (mp3) NOW UPDATED – 04 October 2006 – thanks for your feedback – I’ve upped the vocals a bit and knocked back the snare drum for an altoge ...[Read More]

Podcast: Scientific American

Have a listen to my latest track – a bit of irony – mixing a lovely souly bassline and drum sound with some vocoder. Enjoyed making it… inspiration came from this (!).

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