Four Play

Four Play

“Eeeeehh they all grow up too fast don’t they?”, etc. etc. Elsie turned four yesterday, much to our amazement and mild mourning of an era in our house starting to end.  She’s our littlest one and she’s pretty much out of pre-school-dom now, and it’s exciting and fun but does make one feel ever so slightly melancholy. But come what may it’s an achievement w ...[Read More]

Lily is Nine

My little Lily turned nine today – stunningly quickly … as these things go … Elsie jumped in to Lily’s bed extra early and we opened a couple of pressies and cards – but on her return to School Day we decided to leave the proper festivities until later today. Happy Birthday my lovely girl. Photos here  

Angus’s Seventh Birthday

A lovely day in itself to go and spend the day celebrating my nephew Angus’s 7th birthday on Saturday – and all the fun that this entails, but was was extra special was that we drove less than an hour to their new home in Arkholme rather than the four and a half hours it used to take us to get to their old place in Devon.

Elsie’s first birthday – and a mini street party

The sun seemed to shine on the righteous this Bank Holiday weekend, as we had a bit of a houseful to celebrate Elsie’s first birthday. Much as we did the same with Lily – and not being the type of folks for Christenings, we thought we’d get friends, family and neighbours together and have a right old knees up.

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