Derby National Trophy – the cyclocross season ends

Sunday was the last race in the 2009 Cyclocross National Trophy series, where I finished 21st overall… my best ever. It’s more a case of lies, damn lies and statistics though when you look at it. I gathered very steady points (apart from the first race in Abergavenny where I had a bit of a mechanical), and all around me people seemed to have poor or inconsistent seasons.

Whilst it’s true you’ve got to be in it to win it, there are a good number of people behind me in the Trophy who didn’t do enough events to count who are big hitters. In short, I’m not the 21st best cyclocross rider in the country. But at least I try my best…

Sunday’s race was great in many ways. The course was fairly unimaginative and very English (no tarmac blasts or run-ups), but it was muddy, which always makes a good race. The organisation was good and there seemed to be a good supportive crowd. It was a bit of a nightmare for my fellow Wheelbase riders. Lewis crashed in a huge pile up 100 metres into the race and had to fight his way through from last place. He then had an incident with the marking tape jamming up his gears and then a crash… so called it a day half way through. Stuart went out much earlier, now getting going really and riding a couple of laps before deciding to sit up.

Because of a slightly smaller turnout, I also got my best ever placing in a National Trophy – 18th – which left me feeling pretty good about things at the end of an enjoyable season of racing.

A couple of weeks rest now, and some lovely running instead. Trainers, clothes, and you’re off. None of this preparation lark. For a bit anyway.