Near my office window

Sixteen panning mini photos of the NCP car park on Whitworth Street as seen from the third floor of Bridgewater House. Tell me you’ve seen this before, and I’ll be surprised.

Click here to view this and a series of other photos all taken within about three hundred metrees from my place of work on the new work camera over lunch time. All tweaking done in piccasa.

Them were’t days.

Fantastic poster. Says more about britain in the war than you could ever get across on one sheet of paper. Ace.  Simple but funny.

A new poem

Haven’t written a poem for ages and one worked its way into my head this morning on a drizzly cycle commute into work…..

Lesley Judd
God, she was good –
all these years and she
still gives me wood.
I didn’t actually know her
like that Singleton witch
or Percy Thrower,
But I still get the itch.

Flicking hell.

Quarter is a film that shows that, despite having way too much time on their hands, some utter losers have an immense wasted talent. Just watch it.

Katrina: Brewing up

Biggers (a friend) sent me these by email so i’ve no idea who owns the copyright – if anyone wants me too I’ll take them off. Just stunning ‘before’ pics of Katrina as it hit Louisiana. The more I think about Katrina the less I understand the power of it. The size of the bloody British Isles under water.