Lounge carpet!

Our lounge carpet was fitted on Tuesday and we’re in the very satisfying position of bringing about the end of almost two years without a ‘real’ living room.  Lily, somewhat predictably, took the opportunity for a good run around, as did Elvis.

A weekend getting plastered

A nice mixMy brother in law Simon and I set to last weekend on an intensive couple of days’ skimming the lounge. The building work we had done in 2005 left us in a bit of a vaccuum for cash and motivation, but this marks the start of the next phase – i.e., “doing up the bit of the house we had to live in while we were doing the other bit”. In the event, the work itself went fantastically well – the ceiling and four walls we skimmed all look just silky-smooth – it’s such a satisfying process when it goes well. We made a mess of the floor (but that was taken care of by using awhat turned out to be a disposable tarpaulin), and were knackered from the instense experience, but it made pleasant a change from all the training! Thanks Simon – my plaster mentor.

Kitchen…. work in progress

It’s been a long slow haul and almost four years since we moved in but we’re on the last leg of doing up our house. 15 months ago, the old extension was pulled down and I had the satisfying task of putting the kitchen units in last week.

A whole week off work was a rewarding one and along with invaluable help from Alan (the joiner who worked on our house before his boss left us all in the lurch and went bankrupt!), we got all the units, plumbing, electrics and appliances sorted.

The blue is just a film cover to protect the doors… it’s going to be very very very shiny white.The first two are what it looked like in February 2005, and the last two photos are where we are to date