May 2004

Click HereA trip to the Corners’ farm and some great fun playing with the dogs / riding tractors etc. Also piccies of Lily helping us all in the garden (?)

Misc 2003 / 04

Click HereA mixture of photos generally from 2003 and early 2004, including Andrew and Denise’s visit, and our short break in Keswick and trip up Skiddaw in Lily’s new pram! The thumbnail to the left shows an image of a young Katie as a lily lookalike!

December 2003

Click HereChristmas 2003 with the Dalkins at our house, a walk up Blencathra with Matthew and the dogs, and Lily’s Xmas party at todddlers.

September 2003

Click HereA trip to London around the time of Lily’s first birthday. Staying with Rachel Andrew and Bea, and stopping off to see Dippy, Jane and Libby on the way.

August 2003

Click HereA family trip to Devon in a hot period in August. Lily and Angis playing in high chairs, Matthew paddling, and all of us overheating.

May 2003

Click HereCamcorder stills of Lily and Katie – including a bit of a toe close-up and some bouncing on the baby bouncer.

CD: “Living with the Pond Life”

Living with the pond life
After a long break, the fouth collection of Minnellium tunes comes just in time to avert the US war against Iraq and the other countries who are members of the ‘axis of evil’. President George Bush the second of the United States of America is believed to have said that this music is the only chance of world peace. Tony Blair then added that world peace is possible and that this album is the only chance of it.

Gone are the days when Minnellium have collaborated with other artists. For a change, very little on this fourth album has been stolen under the guise of sampling. Well, apart from a whole track from Frou Frou remixed by the minnellial hands themselves.

Downbeat and a times down-right lazy.

12 tunes which would sit as easily in the ‘dining room’ category as ‘lounge’ are held together by a plastic compact disc which is housed in a free case. Continue reading “CD: “Living with the Pond Life””

September 2002

Click HerePhotos taken after the birth of Lily; family viasiting in hospital and some very special days afterwards.