Blowing the trumpet

Ever the one to blow my own trumpet (if only I could reach it), I thought it’s worth a cyclo-cross update. I’ve now won the North West cyclo cross league with still two rounds to go. Nice feeling. Warm glow, etc. But…. the icing on the cake came on Sunday 18th December, on a freeeeeeezing day at Beacon Hill park a few miles from Wigan when I managed my first victory of the season. Hooraaaaah! There was a slightly smaller field (46 signed on at the start) but I made it convincing, clearing off straight from the start and extending my lead on each of the seven laps of the woodland / hillside circuit. The slight down side was that it was so cold that there was a tiny gathering of spectators to see me come over the line in first place, but that’s not a big deal in the grand scheme of things. Piccie courtesy of Ian McVety, from the previous week’s race at Ulverston.. (where I was second). Barrie Clarke struggles in the background…!

Pandora, box and all

Ever since the Music Genome Project, people would ask, “Can you help me discover more music that I’ll like?”.

The Pandora Project is the next step on, allowing you, for free, to type in an artist or tune that you like, and listen to similar music, in a radio station type way. It works fairly well. Requires a reasonably quick (not dial-up) connection. Well worth a visit.


This is what happens when you mix Queen with 50 cent. You’ve been warned. Reminds me a bit of the Grey Album project, which shouldn’t have really worked, but most think it did. Alot better than this. i know it’s tongue in cheek (I hope it’s tongue in cheek0, but it’s still grating like mad.

Otterspool Park Cyclo-Cross three …. try again

The third of three Cyclo Cross races at Otterspool Park this year and again a fourth place. Not much wrong with fourth place, but it’s just an annoying course for me because:

  1. The first race there saw me break my chain on lap one and have to run for approximately 1km and start lap two in about 40th place – eventually finished 7th
  2. Race two went relatively smoothly, but I had a really slow start and had to fight to pass people for the first three laps. Eventually got fourth on account of Rob Jebb turning up and Johhny McEvoy being on a flyer – Stuart Reid got me in the finale. Could be better, could be worse.
  3. Race three was drier on the ground than the first two which was welcome because of the sticky mud that can clog your bike up. I did a good race (despite a sesh the night before) finishing one place behind Rob Jebb but we were nowhere near Ian Field and Ian Bibby (Trek-SIS) who were cruising round.
  4. Interesting venue, but glad it’s all over for another year!

Led Zeppelin live at Manchester, sort of.

Matthew and I went to see Whole Lotta Led – a Tribute to Led Zeppelin, last Friday. Where do I start…? Firstly, tribute bands are not a new concept at all, but this is the first one I’ve seen. Secondly, I love Led Zeppelin. I love all sorts of music, but LZ are in my bones, as it were. I’m not going to review the gig too much – principally because I can’t be ar5ed, but it was a good night out.

Main observations:

  • Bassist looked like Matthew’s dog, Merlin.
  • Sound was pretty excellent – what other way could you hear ‘Led Zeppelin’ play live through a massive PA so that it thuds through your body?
  • Drum solos will make a come back.