Injured Back

Injured Back
Originally uploaded by Dave Haygarth.

I did my back in on Monday and it bloody killed. You realise how prescious these little bones we carry about are – it affects everything I do and I would give everything to know it’s not going to happen again. I went to see an osteopath for the first time in my life because I was convinced I had done some major damage, but it was quite reassuring to know I’d get through it with a bit of time. Bang goes the training for a bit but there’s more to life. I also found out that my right leg’s a centimetre longer than my left leg, which is quite a difference – and the osteopath told me I’d probably suffer from back problems in later life compensating for that. He also told me that fell running would be better for me than road running in the circumstances because of the wider muscle groups used rather than rpeptition of the same ones. I liked him for that.



  • Your back still looks pretty impressive to me!

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