A good day’s work in the north pennines

Had a great day out on the bike with my brother Phil, taking part in the 105 mile Cumberland Cycle Challenge. A challenging but rewarding route with just under 3,000 metres of ascent, based around Brampton near Carlisle. There was weather to put most Belgian cycle classics to shame – including about two hours of hard, driving rain and very strong westerly winds. The event was very well organised (by Border City Wheelers) and I enjoyed riding with Phil all day – a real luxury to spend time like that with your brother and true bonding.
In cycling terms, I was really pleased with how I felt, and it’s the start of my finishing touches to this year’s Three Peaks cyclocross training.

  • A great day indeed Dave, thanks for towing me across between the Pennines and the Borders into that nasty headwind. On reflection (24 hours later), a wearing yet beautiful route – and most of all great company! I’m off to nurse my sore bits and oil up the bike for more (albeit more modest distance) punishment this afternoon, the ‘Peaks is getting close….