Shot in the back

WoundSomeone shot me with an air gun when I was riding home from work last week.  I pondered going to the police but then quickly (and I think rightfully) assumed that nothing would be done and i’d end up getting involved in all sorts of manic bureacratic hassle.  It didn’t pierce the skin – in fact I had the tiniest of bruises, but it just made me annoyed.

  • mum

    You should have reported it! Next time they shoot at someone they may blind or seriously maim

  • Dave Haygarth

    Maybe. But I heard it (and felt it), not saw it – wouldn’t even know who to report. Also, you hear of people recieveing threats to their family when they pursue things in court (there aren’t many Haygarths in the phone book round here!)

  • John

    That’s terrible. It’s not like you live in the hood. Today was a good day I didn’t have to use my AK.