Year: 2007

Christmas Day 2007

Lovely Christmas Day at Sally and Simon’s house in Chorlton. Photos Here, including a bit of bike ride action with Olly and Lily, and some pics of Boxing Day here

Farewell, Oscar Peterson

Oscar Peterson died on Christmas eve. What a man. You still look good to me….

Weapon Of Choice – Fatboy Slim

I was just listening to the radio, humming away to myself for a few minutes whilst the phone stopped ringing for the first time today (!) and this tune came on… which reminded me to look at what I feel is the finest pop video in many, many years.

Four year old drummer to Sammy Davis Jr in about ten minutes

Lily and I do things a bit differently every Friday… we have a break from ‘story’ before bedtime, and it quite often involves surfing things on Youtube. To have all those amazing things from my childhood (and since) at my fingertips never ceases to amaze me; it won’t amaze Lily and her generation. For that, she’ll never be grateful – she never should be – ...[Read More]

Why fox hunting was banned

This reminds us all why fox hunting was abolished for its barbarism.

Cyclocross National Trophy Round 4, Peel Park, Bradford

A great feeling to have a race live up to everything I anticipated it to be – my favourite course of the National Trophy series at Peel Park in Bradford. The autumn rain’s always going to have made this one muddy – but the course design this year also contributed towards an excellent challenge. My team Wheelbase mates Rob and Lewis did the business with 3rd and 6th respectively, ...[Read More]

Film of our Marrakech holiday… just four months late

Okay, it’s been a bit of a busy time…! I’ve only just got round to editing the fillum of our holiday in Marrakech, some four months ago. It was a happy old time, and is lovely looking back on it now. Crosby, Stiils and Nash were’nt actually there… it’s an over-dub.

North of England Cyclocross Championships

More mud, mud, glorious mud this weekend, when I finished a fairly pleasing 6th in the North of England cyclocross championships. A slightly uninspiring course but over conditions that suited me, to be honest… Images here Full results here

On top of the economic food chain

This is somehow so credible….! Americans Get Quized On World Affairs – Watch more free videos

The jagged teeth of hill reps

It may feel like utter death on toast when you’re doing it, and you swear you’l never do it again through the blood you’re coughing up each time you do it, but having a GPS with a heart rate monitor makes hill reps something interesting to look at… 1900 feet of climbing and descending compressed into a zip ride.

Hammer Time

What amazes me about this film is how the man seems to have no bruises apparent from practising his art…

‘That’s gonna cost you’ Aeroplane Situations

I’m not quite sure what amused me about these… I think it’s just the expense of it all… Dark Roasted Blend: Airplane Oops! Situations

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