Four year old drummer to Sammy Davis Jr in about ten minutes

Lily and I do things a bit differently every Friday… we have a break from ‘story’ before bedtime, and it quite often involves surfing things on Youtube. To have all those amazing things from my childhood (and since) at my fingertips never ceases to amaze me; it won’t amaze Lily and her generation. For that, she’ll never be grateful – she never should be – this is what so much of the media should be – on demand entertainment, not pipe-fed scheduled programming, but a parent-supervised themed trip round amazing things.

We searched for a “drummer” – Lily’s quite set on getting some drums for Christmas …

First, we watched Igor, a four year old from Poland

… and from him, I was prompted to search for Buddy Rich’s epic battle with Animal fromt he Muppets

A natural progression, was to seek out another televised Buddy Rich drum battle, one that I’d heard talked about, but never seen (until Youtube!) – he and Gene Krupa going at it together on the Sammy Davis Jr show.

To calm down from the drums a bit, we finished off with a bit of Sammy Davis Jr himself, this time tap dancing to Singin in the Rain with some remarkable collars….

Friday night… a good night in.