An early Christmas Present

Katie and I went to the hospital this morning to get a picture taken.



  • Cookie

    Brilliant news ! Congratulations, Happy Happy Days !

  • mum

    Looks like twins to me!

    Thrilled and delighted for us all, especially Kate, David and Lily.

    Best possible Christmas present.

    Love you lots xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Phil Haygarth

    Dave, I think they need to work on your photography, far too grainy.

    GREAT NEWS! LOVE Phil Anne Matthew Angus and Helen xxxxxxx

  • Cyn & Keith Dorrington

    The news and the photo – awesome.

    Many many congratulations…

    Love and hugs

    The Dorringtons (all)

  • Simon

    David, that is just fantastic. Big huge congrats to you both.

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