Time to cherish the ugly

There seems to have been an irritating number of cutesy “look at a puppy kissing a kitten” type emails hitting my inbox recently. Much more than normal. I’m not sure whether the global economic crisis is leading people into some sort of goo induced love of everything innocent; maybe the escapism is the way out of things.

Anyway, I just throught I’d post this reminder that the world is strill a very ugly place, as are most of the animals in it, as this post on Ugly Overload proves.

  • mum

    Having just forwarded the latest ‘cute’ thingy about cuddly Polar Bears, you certainly have given me food for thought….

    P.S. I do not have the technology to forward the picture of the water Buffalo’s ( ?) elongated, prehensile tongue, but it is a very good image!