Broken left collarbone and 7 lug stitches

Broken left collarbone and 7 lug stitches

Not a very good day on the bike really. It was meant to be a relaxed reintroduction to mountainbike racing after ages off the sport but it turned out to be 20 minutes racing then a trip to Fairfield hospital via Mountain Rescue Land Rover and an ambulance.

Complicated feelings just now and I need to go back tomorrow to find out if the broken collarbone needs to be pinned. The tear to my ear was only mildly painful but bled like hell – my face was well dowsed with blood.

Crash itself was a riding error on my part – not a big one but in a place on the course that meant going down hard was inevitable.

The race, up to then, at Lee Quarry – was going pretty well, and that rocky course was fun at high speed.  Four what it’s worth…!

Three gruesome snaps here on Flickr

UPDATE: a sequence of the nasty event now from here (see link from Twinkly Dave’s comment below)



  • phil haygarth

    Bad luck brother, still at least it is your ‘off season’ and should not affect the 3 peaks prep. get well soon

  • jenn

    Ouch. Heal soon. Didn’t go too well for me, either – crashed on practise lap on a completely innocuous but very fast bit and have just got back from A&E sporting the biggest wrist cast known to man. Back on Wednesday to talk about pins. We can compare scars in September 🙂

  • mum

    Can’t understand how you have managed to get away with NOT having an accident before now!
    I hope you are soon feeling better – you must be aching all over.
    Take care. XXX

  • Greenwoods

    Dude that looks nasty. You have our sympathy and hope you have a speedy recovery.

  • Bils (and Rosy)

    Strewth matey…

    Rosy had her first bike spill a few weeks ago… Not quite in your league though!

    I’m sticking to badminton… much safer.

    take care – Bils

  • Jane

    ouch. ouch. ouch

  • Simon

    Nice to see onlookers taking photos rather than rushing to help ! Hope you’re recovering OK

  • “Nice to see onlookers taking photos rather than rushing to help ! Hope you’re recovering OK”
    Cmon guys it was over in a split second WE did help dave Give us a break No pun intended Dave M8

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