A slow recovery

I had my checkup earlier today at the hospital 34 days after my crash at Lee Quarry that gave me a broken collarbone.  I’m so intrigued about the healing process that my body has gone through so far. When I first had my X-Ray on the day of the fracture, I was a bit shocked to see how clearly ‘snapped’ the bone was – with the two ‘pieces’ about two centimetres apart from each other.

I went back for another X-Ray today and am so intrigued as to how well the body can fix itself. Over that “gap” between the bones, my two ‘bits’ of collarbone have formed a bridge – and although they’re not aligned like the ‘good’ side, they have once again made a rigid structure to join themselves back together and make good of a bad lot.

I just had to go to the general office later in the hospital and ‘order’ a copy of my X-Rays – I find it fascinating. In the mean time, you’ll have to make do with the photos below. Nice to have a yellow bruise – still – after 34 days, isn’t it?! Amazing stuff. No doubt will blog the X-Rays when ‘ if I can get hold of them. The new super-bone is the shape of a lightning bolt.

(Cyclocross geeks amongst you will also spot the bump on the right shoulder – my body’s natural way of dealing with the Three Peaks every year and compensating by building a soft pad!)
Broken Collarbone Recovery
Broken Collarbone



  • mum

    Are the Medics satisfied with progress?

    Is that ‘bump’REALLY what you say?

    (How do you explain the bump on my stomach?. Wish I had an excuse!!)

  • robin

    Thats a great tattoo Dave,

    What happens if you break your pelvis ?

  • Rebeca M.

    Did you know that you broke it when it broke?

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