Pedalling: New Drugs and Learning a lesson

Never stop learning. Never stop being addicted to cycling. This weekend was something new all round, but it’s still just pedalling.


Cycle Speedway, Astley & Tyldesley

Chipps from Singletrack Magazine invited some folks along to do something a bit different for his birthday – different, yet familiar.   Cycle Speedway is a strange cousin of just about every form of cycle racing. Fast starts of BMX, handling / cornering skills of cyclocross, pure brinkmanship of the final 200 metres of a track sprint, no brakes, knobbly tyres, very odd bikes, but somehow bundled in with it a whole load of joy / smiling / fun and a lot of very refined good behaviour. A huge laugh, a fast learning curve and guaranteed fun. I even claimed my first championship… erm… ever. Heartily recommended and something I really hope to revisit.  (Experts make it look much better)


A visit to the park with a difference with the children.  We went to see brother-in-law and sister-in-law Simon and Sally on Sunday for the afternoon and a play in the park when what should we see but a ‘Cycling for All’ day held on the athletics track by Trafford Wheelers. I’ve looked at recumbants and trikes before but just assumed that I would never have had the opportunity to ride one… never mind about 8 different ‘flavours’ of pedal bikes.

There’s always something new round the corner with cycling. Life long learning. And bikes.

Cycle Speedway



  • Margaret Haygarth

    Looked fun with Sally, Simon and boys.  If I’d been there I’d have been tempted to have a go!

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