Pool tournament: dabbling in triathlon again

Pool tournament: dabbling in triathlon again

I races a triathlon on Sunday – I had a spare-sih weekend and an powerful urge to put myself out of my comfort zone.  All went well – my full blog is here over on the PlanetX Bikes website

So that was my memory of the worst bit of Sunday – sat waiting – actually trembling a bit with adrenaline, watching people with swimming hats and goggles looking awfully fast just before my turn.  My goggles are pink and purple. I don’t own goggles, so I’ve brought Mrs Haygarth’s with me. God, how I was looking forward to scorching past those fish-like freaks on my bike in a matter of a few minutes. I really don’t like this bit.

Results and splits here – >> Clitheroe Tri Results 2015




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