Seaside fun: Battle on the Beach 2015

Seaside fun: Battle on the Beach 2015

It was sunny and I was on a beach. That’s the short version. When you go to the beach and it’s sunny, you have fun. That never changes.

Lily’s Gone to the Dogs

Pesky Husky

It’s normal for a ten year old to have a bit of love for animals.  Lily’s always been very enthusiastic about dogs, big cats, and horses in particular.  They’re definitely her thing.  You can feel the enthusiasm glowing from her when near animals, and it demonstrates itself quite a lot when you try and chat to her about them (and generally get corrected on your inaccuracies ̵ ...[Read More]

Easter week in Woolacombe

Lovely time last week in Woolacombe with our old Gloucestershire mates the Greenwoods. So great to go away and have such fun with people who make life so uncomplicated for us with our semi demanding 11 month-old.

Video of our brief Suffolk holiday

It seems ages ago now and it’s hard to think it’s just a couple of weeks since we had a great few days in some brilliant weather on the East Anglian coast. Just got round to editing together the video last night. It’s almost exclusively beach stuff but that’s pretty much what we did in the daylight.

Half term break in Suffolk… the first real chill of winter

With the national trophy cyclocross coming up in Ipswich, I wasn’t relishing the thought of another long day out and night away from the family. Enjoyable though the sporty bonding trips are, I find it an uneasy comprimise to spend time away enjoying myself and leaving Katie with two young people to look after. The Ipswich race was luckily on the first Sunday of the half term break, so we bo ...[Read More]

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