Cyclocross: All of the faff

Cyclocross: All of the faff

It’s the National Championships at the weekend, and time to reflect as the season approaches its finale. Cyclocross is a strange sport. It breeds and harbours obsessives. For a discipline that involves belting around muddy fields, there is an inordinate amount of fine-tuning, preparation and finesse… from the meticulously exact tyre pressures for the conditions in the correct tubulars ...[Read More]

Easter Holiday on Arran

Holiday on Arran

Been too long since our last family trip to Scotland just over 2 years ago and we were all very excited to get a holiday booked on the Isle of Arran this Easter. It has all the necessary aspects of a good family holiday venue for us Haygarths. More outdoors stuff than you can shake a stick of driftwood at, wildlife, mountains, beaches… just great.

Mini mini break in Oxford

Time is of the essence. Everything’s a rush. That makes these trips – even the tiniest of mini breaks very valuable.  All the fun of a few days was concentrated in expert fashion this weekend in around 27 hours with Dips, Jane and the girls in Oxford.

The First Day or Spring… and Autumn Approaches Fast

Cyclocross Titanium Bike

A short March 1st Video to celebrate a play on my new Planet X Ti prototype… only about 160 sleeps to go….

Ice Breaking with Dirty Harry

I do enjoy a nice play on the bike from time to time. When you do a load of training and fitness stuff it makes a fun ride that bit more rewarding.  

Ballet on a bike

I’ve been sent this three times now in the last two days – it just makes me gasp with utter pleasure – even Katie likes it. “It’s like Ballet on bikes” was her comment. The best mountainbike video ever?? a strong contender.

Easter week in Woolacombe

Lovely time last week in Woolacombe with our old Gloucestershire mates the Greenwoods. So great to go away and have such fun with people who make life so uncomplicated for us with our semi demanding 11 month-old.

Lily dancing to Boards of Canada

Had a nice teatime chill with Lily and Elsie last night whilst Katie went out tot he gym for the first time since Elsie was born… including some freeform art dance by Lily, totally unprompted, to my favourite album of all time.

Elvis slowed down

Got a new phone last week – the LG Viewty – and one of the terrific things about it is its slow motion (120 frames per second) video setting…

A midwinter p-p-p-pick-me up

Get the Flash Player to see this player. It was Lily’s school Christmas Concert on Tuesday and she and some of her friends danced a delightful penguin dance. Sorry for the rubbish mobile phone quality of the fillum you’re about to watch. (Lily’s the one on the far left at the start and finish) What’s the music called? It’s so familiar and on loads of things but I don& ...[Read More]

Video of our brief Suffolk holiday

It seems ages ago now and it’s hard to think it’s just a couple of weeks since we had a great few days in some brilliant weather on the East Anglian coast. Just got round to editing together the video last night. It’s almost exclusively beach stuff but that’s pretty much what we did in the daylight.

In praise of the rockafeller skank.

This doesn’t come easy. I’m not a mainstream person. Well, I am, really – that’s what all this is about, but I don’t occupy the middle ground that easily still. I’m 38 and it’s getting so much easier. My love of the Carpenters and Doris Day will be confessed openly soon (and if you think I’m joking, Stop, wait a minute Mr Postman and Move Over Darlin ...[Read More]

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