Colne Grand Prix: Trouble at Mill

Bit of an odd crit last night. Great result for Lewis who won again… I was a measly 12th… no big deal – bad night after Sunday’s bruising.

I’ve twice been on the podium for the support race in the Colne Grand Prix after some fairly good rides, so was looking forward to last night’s race.  A complicated set-up created itself earlier in the year when my team sponsor Wheelbase – who primarily sponsor me for the Cyclocross season – got involved with a purely-road setup to form team Herbalife Wheelbase.  The prospect of me getting onto the podium (slim or otherwise) in a ‘public’ race like these BC Circuit Series races are presented a strange awkwardness – and I volunteered back in March to ‘guest’ for Herbalife / Wheelbase in these crits as a second claim member – which BC rules permit.

This wasn’t my ego – it was more that I didn’t want Wheelbase to feel comprimised if I put in a good ride.   I cleared this with Geoff Newcombe of the Herbalife team and he emailed me back saying that they’re happy to accommadate this in March.

Wierdly, last night, after spending most of the ride ensuring that Lewis stayed away by sitting on most of the chases, I was told that I was not permitted wear the Herbalife jersey as I’m not a registered rider.  I’d registered as a second claim member when I got my BC license.  Don’t quite get it.

Anyhow – Lewis is a good friend and in Blackburn next week I won’t be chasing him if the situation arises.  But I’ll be riding in Wheelbase kit and will not be blocking for him – that’s for sure.

I took a few photos of the elite race too after.