Elsie turns two

Elsie’s second birthday today – yes – it has flown by a bit hasn’t it. It generally does really, but newborn-to-two seems especially fast in children. Katie and I decided that a Very Hungry Caterpillar theme was appropriate given the fave-book status and Elsie’s hobby; eating things.

We had a great party in uncharacteristically balmy weather yesterday (a day early, technically… but I can confirm she officially made two this morning), and 31 people joined the four of us to make one very noisy afternoon in Kenyon Clough.

Lots of interesting things packed into the day also… met the new neighbours and two of their three children; saw Iris – Lewis and Wendy’s new baby girl; Phil put the boot on the other foot by cycling to my house…

Very happy, fun-packed times for all of us.

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