Podcast: “Throttle Back”

Another of my favourites. The strings in this track were a bit of a breakthrough for me. The operatic singing was just a spur of the moment sample direct from Radio 3 ! No idea who it is. I like the abrasive lead synth line in the chorus bit.

Podcast: “Potato Glow”

Potato Glow is the first track on the 2000 album ‘Comfy’. It’s a very upbeat instrumental built up on layers of samples and a synth arpeggio I played almost by mistake. I still love it.

Podcast: “More than you ask for” 19 years on

“More than you ask for” was written by me in 1986, and recorded by the Doofers in December 1987 (see separate article). It’s always had a special place in my heart because it represented such an exciting time – starting to create music. I still like it, and had a modern re-take on it, which I thought I’d share with you.

Podcast: “Feature”

My first podcast… a tune from the past.

Feature is quite a heavy instrumental, with a hefty chorus. Hammond organ and some organic drums.


The sounds of the sound of ….

I was so intrigued by a video that I saw on Youtube that it got my mind thinking about sampling… I’ve never given “video sampling” a go and put this together very quickly as an experiment. That’s all….

New track: Underflow

A bit of soundtrack work I’ve done for my old school friend Hamish. I like this piece – doing things to a spec (albeit a not very tight one) sometimes makes you do things differently than you may. It’s not as indulgent as I’m used to and that in itself is good discipline.

Cherry Ghost – Mathematics

Heard this track by Cherry Ghost a few times on XFM Manchester and it just sends a shiver down my spine every time I hear it. Ignore the crass video – it’s just such an amazing tune. I’m not sure why, but I just love it. They’ve recently got a recording deal (this is just the demo) so expect a polished version to come out later in the spring.

It was 19 years ago today

… that Mr Kirkup told the band to play.

The DoofersDecember 6th, 1987 could well have been one of the big defining moments for the UK music industry, but it turned out to be just the day when The Doofers, undoubtedly the biggest thing in the Sedbergh School music scene that year, travelled to the Lindens studio in Rosgill, pretty much in the middle of nowhere.

We were so green, but just full of youthful confidence, and recorded two songs (pretty much live, with singing over-dubbed after). The recording sounds very dated now, as does most stuff from 1987, but I’m just so glad we did it. What a day to remember. We were glowing when we got back witht the tape to play our friends.
More Than You Ask For (MP3, 3.3mb) was my favourite of the time because it was a bit more up my rocky street, but Happiness (MP3 2.2mb) stands the test of time as the stronger song.