We’re off the see the wonderful wizard of Gedge

Katie and I are off to see the Wedding Present this evening. How excited can one 37 year old little boy get?

The tour’s to mark the 20th anniversary of their best selling album ‘George Best’, which makes me think how quickly the last 20 years have flown by. The set includes them playing the whole album, in order, which’ll be nice. People won’t have to ask for requests in between the tracks.

Enjoy this little gem from 1994 in the mean time… yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah…

Cherry Ghost – Mathematics

Heard this track by Cherry Ghost a few times on XFM Manchester and it just sends a shiver down my spine every time I hear it. Ignore the crass video – it’s just such an amazing tune. I’m not sure why, but I just love it. They’ve recently got a recording deal (this is just the demo) so expect a polished version to come out later in the spring.

Dave Haygarth’s latest tune

This blows my mind a little bit. I was doing a six(ish) monthly search on Google for “Dave Haygarth” – it’s amazing what turns up, when I came across a band from Watford called the Desires, whose lead singer/guitarist is called Dave Haygarth.

You can listen to a not very bad at all song of theirs, too.

Click here….

What I enjoyed today

One of my favourite never-made-it internet musicians is Spitznagel… this is a person who makes his music so eclectic and lacking in boundaries – I always enjoy a listen. Avant Garde and sometimes very challenging, it’s always a rewardeing listen…. have a listen yourself to Black Moon, by SPITZNAGEL

The Campfire Headphase – post 2

The Campfire Headphase - 17 October 2005In a tribute to the wonders of the internet, I’ve already got my copy of the The Campfire Headphase, the new Boards of Canada album. In a tribute to the wonders of Boards of Canada, I’m still going out to buy it on the 17th. It’s predictably rather good on first listen and will only grow and grow on me as all BOC albums have.

The Wedding Present tour dates

Hoorah! Katie and I are off to see the Wedding Present in Manchester on 12th November. The full UK tour dates are here if you want to get to your local show. Amazing but worrying fact: The hayday of the Wedding Present (for most fans), was between 1987 to ’94. That was SooOOooo long ago.