Lily’s 6th birthday

LilyLily is six today, and amidst the busy week of going back to school, she woke up this morning four times before it was time to get up. Her wish for a Calamity Jane outfit -cobbled together by buying a cowboy outfit and a confederate cap (from the US on eBay!) – came true.

Photos being blogged live from the phone throughout the day here.

A short video to be added soon.

On the farm… summer 2008

Lovely trip to Fiona(sis-in-law) and Graeme’s – at the Bank Holiday weekend.

The FarmHighlights include:

  1. The weather – hardly a drop of rain all weekend – a real August rarity this year
  2. A lovely cycle ride from their place over to the Wensleydale agricultural show at Leyburn – riding on ‘new’ roads and seeing new places is always a pleasure
  3. Some of the usual rumpus fun on the huge trampoline – with full stomachs.
  4. Celebrating Jenny’s ridiculously good GCSE results
  5. Lily having a ride on Lucy’s horse, Hamish

Elsie’s here!

Elsie HaygarthAs these things go, the arrival of Elsie Annice Haygarth at six minutes past one this lunchtime was a very smooth affair. Katie’s performance throughout was what I’d been hoping for for a second birth. A precautionary visit to hospital at 7.00am and returning home an hour later was what we’d expected after waters broke in the night. We were all taken aback, however, when we rushed back in at 11.40 and parked up and in the delivery suite for midday. Some hard work and concentration from mumsy and hay presto… one very gorgeous sister for Lily and two utterly chuffed parents.

First ever online photo of Elsie here

More Photos here (added late on Saturday!)

More, rather inevitably, to be reported here soon….

On The Nikon D200

Phil's GibsonStaying at Phil’s house for a few days over the weekend gave me an opportunity to play with his ‘work’ camera’, the Nikon D200. It was a stunning experience. The inordinately heavy body gave the camera an unrivalled steadiness, meaning that short at low shutter speeds were more likely to come out without camera-wobble. The Tamron lens was reliable and very happy with fast autofocus, even when firing off repeated shots.

Here are a few of my favourite shots from the camera over the weekend.

Christmas day 2006 – photos

Christmas this year was at home – and very enjoyable. (My) Mum came over on Christmas eve and had the pleasure of watching her grand daughter open her cringigly large pile of presents. The weather wasn’t brilliant but we managed to get out for a half hour walk, too.

Click here for pics