The second summer of COVID-complication holidays

The 2020 stuff seemed tame. We somehow managed last year to get to Anglsey and Scotland amidst what we then thought was chaos. Surely 2021 would be easier as restrictions eased.

It started weird. Lily’s end of school celebrations went out with a whimper. No parties, mixing in a formal context virtually impossible, and a split-up with her BF after a long while made things all a bit fraught and a big let down. She then contracted COVID on after a soaking Duke of Edinburgh practice camping trip in the Lakes, and we all had to isolate.

Shortly after that, we had a much anticipated family holiday with my Mum, Phil, Anne and family. It was scorching, and we had an ace house to rent near Shrewsbury. What could go wrong?

Started out okay – lovely couple of bike rides and quiet lanes. Booze, music, food… but, I had a headache / constant hangover feeling, then it turned out I had COVID. Gave it to pretty much all the family, and that was that. We mad the best of it, but spent 4 days of the holiday hemmed in in 30 degree heat and not able to get out to any rivers etc, as we did so successfully in the first part of the trip. Hey ho.

We were obviously lucky enough to have a plan B already lined up, 3 weeks later, with a trip to Kames in Argyll and Bute, with the Rowlands. Same fun as 2020, same weather, but a cracking part of the world.

Then towards the end of summer, the pattern of ‘things picking up’ continued. Elsie managed a great mountain bike event at Glentress on the way home ….

Then whilst Lily was at Leeds festival, Elsie, Katie and I managed (just!) to get the caravan up to Silverdale (van shenanigans) in time for Bank Holiday and my Dry Stone walling introduction course (brill)

Finally, at the end of the summer hols, just before the lovely ‘cross season started, we managed to get down to the Cotswolds for Dips’ delayed 50th. Marvellous time in lovely sun catching up with old chums and doing a bit of TFF ?