A clampdown on the freedom of artistic expression

Birmingham New StreetYes – I’m afraid all my paranoid fears are coming true. I was filling in time whilst changing trains at Birmingham New Street station by taking some photos of peoplle moving around the station, when I was ‘picked up’ by two undercover police officers interested in what on earth I was doing documenting a potential terrorist target like Birmingham New Street station. They took down my credentials and had a look at some of the photos. I didn’t even have time to edit the images and apply all the necessary filtering and cropping to make them look good – so slightly embarrassing on that score. I was a bit upset that they didn’t find my photos suitably controversial to censor them. Thast would have made me a more robust and convincing artist, but at least it means I’ve formally struggled to defend my art in the eyes of the law. Sort of.

  • Anonymous

    It’s nothing to do with international terrorism – you look shifty to me too

  • Absolute stunner, particularly the fact you didn’t have chance to picasarise your images first….did they find some blurred pics and arrest you for not obeying the reciprical law of focal length related to shutter speed!

    …and I agree with the comment above about you looking shifty

    PS – hope you’d deleted the blocked toilet photo

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