Web 2.0 – it’s a great era and now we’ve got the validator

Thyere’s loads of stuff come to the fore over the last few months since someone somwhere coined the phrase “Web 2.0” – I can’t deny that the concept excites me. This article by O’Reilly sums it up really, especially the first page or so of it (it’s a long read).

In basic terms, the Web 2.0 concept (forgive me if i’m patronising you here) is about the new era the world wide web has now entered, and how bloody exciting it all is. “Web 1.0” was all about static info being pushed out to people – personal web sites, companies marketing things to people – but suddenly (it seems) the web’s turned very interactive and personal sites have now been replaced by blogs, online dictionaries have now been replaces by Wikipedia, Directories (Taxonomies) have now been replaces by Wikis (Folksonomies).

Anyway – the point of this post is just to say that I’ve stumbled across a brilliant Web 2.0 Validator – a way of testing whether your site (or any site) is of the new breed…. as if you didn’t know already! Optimistic times.