Poshmum blog

MBT : mania becomes tendinitis Some superb writing and brilliant observational whit makes the Poshmum blog a cracking read.

“I’m just a plain old school-run Dulwich mum being driven slowly mad by the mores of the poshmums at the school gate. This is my revenge…….”

“This morning was School-Run Mum power walking morning; five of the hippest mothers were foregathered in the playground resplendent in their huge, rounded MBT trainers waiting for the bell to ring.”

Had me in creases – I’m a lifetime subscriber!



  • terrahawk

    My sister-in-law is exactly like the PoshMums. She’s got some MBT’s and the ubiquitous North Face gilet. Not Dulwich though…Stockton Heath.

    Nobody calls their kids “normal” names there either.

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