Podcast: It’s okay to be wrong

… is a new song which started life about 16 years ago in a rehearsal room in Lancaster, rehearsing with Phil and James in Inspekta Spencer. The song never came to anything, but the riff lived on in my head!

It’s very rocky. I like it, but I’m frustrated with the vocals; I think I could have done with starting it in a key that I could comfortably sing. Instead, I pressed on with recording the tracks and then it was sort of too late. So decided to record two vocals; one on a low octave and one on a high one, as a sort of can’t-win compromise. I’m very happy with the guitar sounds though. And the general arrangements. I just wish I could have done the vocals a bit better – but it’s time to move on, and anyway, it’s okay for them to be wrong.

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  • Phil

    Damn good Dave. I recall the start of this in a grubby room in Lancaster Music Coop. I love the unpredicatble ‘off riff’ start. Tell me, was it Paul Turner who played the solo, or was it just his frontline pedal that you used?

    Catchy, poppy, right up there.

  • Paul

    Another great song Dave – its amazing how an idea 16 years ago can evolve!
    But dont think I dont know what happened to that Frontline pedal!!

  • Hook

    Really good mate.
    Vocals are a superb mix with the upper and lower key.

    You seem to have quite a modern sound there.

    Did you say turd in it?

    See you soon.

  • Dave

    Lancaster Music Coop – that takes me back… Great tune!

  • mr H – I heard pixies, squeeze and beck which means I liked it! not a big fan of guitar solos but liked first half of it at around 3.13. My ‘ego is inflatable’ is a great line and of course true which is nice.

    well done. will send you latest work we’re perfecting for public consumption.

    hello to phil and dave. bigging it up from the spires (Oxford)