Rossendale Triathlon 2007 – no socks, chlorine sweat, and a temporary tattoo.

Temporary TattoI don’t go in for triathlons very much, but there’s one on my doorstep, and it’s great fun to take part. This year’s race, organised in very slick fashion by Rossendale Harriers and Rossendale Leisure Trust, was very successful, attracting 150 entrants. The course, based on 16 lengths of Marl Pits pool, a hilly 14ish mile ride, then a mixed-terrain 5km run, was really enjoyable (if that’s the right word).

No socksDespite being 82nd fastest finisher in the swimming leg (the last time I swam a length of a pool was two years ago in the 2005 Rossendale Triathlon!), I managed to do a good ride in the cycling leg and then cling on in the run to finish third overall. For those of you about to suggest I should train for the swim a bit …. shut it…. it’s just a bit of fun, and even if I’d swum 3 minutes faster than the 8:22 I managed, I’d still have only been second!

Big thanks due to everyone who made this event so enjoyable to take part in.