Camera Quest: The Best of Both Worlds

After plenty of umming and loads of ahh-ing, I finally found the ideal all-round compromise camera… I think.

I was constrained by budget (aren’t we all?) and wanted

  • point and shoot (it’s not for me… that’s for a close female relative)
  • under £100
  • 5x Optical (or more) and a trusted lens
  • a decent CCD

Plus… on my ‘really would love’ list was

  • full manual Aperture control
  • Aperture priority control, and Shuuter Speed priority control (I was brought up on a Pentax ME super and will always be a user at heart).

MoiI started out looking at loads of things and almost fell into the trap of getting allured by brand, or by unbelievable price reductions, but in the end I stayed my course and ordered a Kodak C875. It arrived today and seems an absolute joy to use. I never thought I’d have ended up with a Kodak… I must say, but looking at the features and the way it performs on first exploration, I think we’re going to get on really well.

Plus, equally importantly, a certain un-named associate of mine might just enjoy its point and shoot simplicity. I said ‘might’.



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