Just the eleven of us… a weekend at home with old mates.

Just the eleven of us… a weekend at home with old mates.

It’s almost two years since our bestest mates last got together at our pad. It’d be easy to blame it on the fact that James and Katy emigrated to Oz, but in reality, we’ve seen as much of Dips and Jane and they live in Oxford. Good friends – old friends – are always so much fun when you haven’t seen them for a bit.

There’s few things in life more fun than watching young people play and giggle in a long meadow in the sunshine. We went no further than 200 metres from the house for our entertainment and the children (and grown-ups) all had a great laugh in the field. Trailer bikes, real bikes, wheelbarrow rides, swinging in makeshift hammocks, chasing huge space hoppers.. all such simple things but we had such a laugh.

The other evening, Katie and I watched “Child of our time” the other night on BBC1 – on which Professor Robert Winston mentioned that a child laughs 300 times per day. 300 would have been laugh-poverty yesterday. Great times.

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