Elsie’s here!

Elsie HaygarthAs these things go, the arrival of Elsie Annice Haygarth at six minutes past one this lunchtime was a very smooth affair. Katie’s performance throughout was what I’d been hoping for for a second birth. A precautionary visit to hospital at 7.00am and returning home an hour later was what we’d expected after waters broke in the night. We were all taken aback, however, when we rushed back in at 11.40 and parked up and in the delivery suite for midday. Some hard work and concentration from mumsy and hay presto… one very gorgeous sister for Lily and two utterly chuffed parents.

First ever online photo of Elsie here

More Photos here (added late on Saturday!)

More, rather inevitably, to be reported here soon….

  • haygarth family

    Well done Katie, you really moved things on apace this morning and we were quite shocked to get the text whilst shopping in Lidl! She looks lovely! Great names too! xxxx

  • Jason


    Just read your email! I didnt realise how easy it was to leave a comment!

    Hope all the family are well today. Jason just looked at your pictures and I think the penny has just dropped that we are getting one too!

    M J & G xxx

  • Sarah, Andy and Grace

    Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!! Well done Katie!!!! Will see you soon, Grace sends a kiss to Lils and a hug for Elsie, Lots of love xxx

  • Greenwoods

    Wonderful news!! And of course very impressed with the name!! We have always had Elsie on our list, in fact thats what Walt would have been if he’d been a girl!! Well done Katie, well done Dave and how happy are you Lily to have a little sister, way better than a brother, they are just too annoying!!
    Sorry Dave I cant work out the date of all your messages so what day exactly did Elsie arrive?
    Card, pressie, love and congrats on their way.
    Love Juliet Will Maisie Meredith Walt and Doris xxxxxx

  • Simon Blakely

    Congratulations to you all – so glad it all went swimmingly.