Me, Bobby and Hamish…. 20 years on

Me, Bobby and Hamish

Originally uploaded by Dave Haygarth

Had the ENORMOUS pleasure of catching up with two friends who I last saw in 1988 last weekend. Yep – read it – more than 20 whole flippin year have gone by since I last saw Hamish and Bobby and I can honestly say that it felt like yesterday.

This is the way things are when you’ve spent so much quality and intense times together (at school in this case). I felt like we could have just been sitting out A Levels the next day.

Reminder to self (and to each other I hope) to not leave it 20 years next time. Get together planned next May… must get it in the calendar.

  • Hamish Beeston

    Agreed, Dave. Really great to see you and meet the family. Lovely spot you’ve got there too – almost makes me want to return to the North (almost..). What the morning most reminded me of was drinking pints of coffee and chilling in the sun in the Danson room garden – test match cricket on the telly. Good memories. Until I saw this photo, I hadn’t realised how small Bobby is though… The incessant noise always makes him seem quite big!


  • Jane

    hamish – maybe it’s that you’re too big rather than bobby too small. i suggest this on the basis that i’m probably same hieght as bobby (unless he has shrunk with old age of course)…. very much looking forward to May meet up. the earlier we choose a date and venue the easier it is to get it in the diary (bla bla bla).

    Dave – you need to eat more. looking too thin! too much exercise.