Refrigerated convert

God – what a great day out.  I normally sit at my desk in a fairly uniform day at work.  Not that it’s unenjoyable – I love my job – but once in a while you get to do something that’s a bit more fun. Today, I went through what would have been my childhood equivelant of playschool’s Round Window… today I went on a factory tour to see how Refrigerated Panel Vans and Refrigerated Rigid truck conversions are done.  Not your normal day out for a web person.

Solomon commercials are a local firm who we’re doing some marketing work for, and they convert rigid trucks, large commercial vehicles and vans into huge mobile chillers and fridges.  When you see the Tesco or Asda chiller vans delivering the home deliveries, the chances are that they started life as a skeleton truck sent to Solomons to be converted into a mobile fridge freezer.

It was a lovely break from the norm… a great day out.  I’ll never drive past a refrigerated vehicle now without knowing the fantastic production techniques that go into making them.




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